Prestigious Merial Howard W Yelland Award to Dr Hans-Ulrich Graser and Christian Duff

The 2014 Merial Howard W Yelland Award for service to the Australian beef industry was presented to two outstanding contributors to the improvement of Australia’s beef industry, Dr Hans-Ulrich Graser and Christian Duff.

The award is presented by the Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF) in conjunction with Marcus Oldham College, Geelong and is supported by Merial Australia.

The award was presented to Dr Hans-Ulrich Graser in recognition of his contribution to the Australian Beef Industry as a pioneer in the development, implementation and adoption of the national genetic evaluation scheme known as Breedplan.

His commitment to providing a strong connection between the animal breeders and geneticists both in Australia and internationally has ensured that the genetic evaluation systems for livestock production in this country have been at the forefront of world’s best practice.

Based at the Animal Genetics and Breeding unit in Armidale, Hans Graser has provided leadership and vision for over 20 years for the research team in the development and promotion of the national genetic evaluation system for the Australian beef industry

In presenting the second award Sam Inglis, Director of Corporate Training Marcus Oldham College and Chair of the Selection panel said “Christian Duff receives our award tonight in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Australian beef industry through the introduction of new genetic improvement technologies and his contribution to the continuing development and extension of Breedplan in his role as National Manager of Beef Breeding extension in Australia. His particular focus has been the introduction of these new technologies to the beef industry in Northern Australia – a challenge in itself given the extensive and diverse nature of the northern industry. In addition to his role as National Manager of beef breeding extension – Christian Duff has been at the forefront of the development and adoption of a quality assurance scheme for the certification of live cattle exported for breeding. This “export for breeding’” industry has a landed value in excess of $100 million per year thus enhancing Australia’s reputation as an exporter of quality breeders.”

Mr Inglis said “With continued support by Merial our award is made annually in recognition of Howard W Yelland, a pioneer in the industry through his championing of objective selection and performance recording in the Australian Beef Industry which spanned a lifetime”.

The Merial Howard Yelland Beef Industry award seeks to recognise individuals who have demonstrated leadership and given service to the Beef Industry “above and beyond” their normal role. Selection criteria for the award includes: Recognition of extent of their contribution to the Australian beef industry; Recognition of their contribution both nationally and internationally; Leadership role as a change agent; and Contribution above their normal role in the industry.

Sam Inglis, Christian Duff, Ivan Pyke, Sales Manager, Merial Australia and John Gunthorpe, Chairman, ABIF

Pictured: Sam Inglis, Marcus Oldham College; Christian Duff; Ivan Pyke, Sales Manager, Merial Australia; and John Gunthorpe, Chairman ABIF.

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