About ABIF

Australian beef is celebrated worldwide for its high quality and commands a price premium from consumers. Currently however, beef producers at the beginning of the supply chain are excluded from commanding these price premiums. Not only is this causing an exodus of people and therefore key skills, it is also not attracting and retaining people in the industry – this is a serious crisis.

The Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF) is committed to investing in young people, education and information to arrest this crisis and develop a beef industry that is highly profitable, sustainable and supportive of  rural communities and their needs. ABIF is a stable, independent and innovative organization that is growing rapidly through strong relationships with industry supporters and investors.

ABIF provides future-looking career paths for people in the beef industry through leadership, inclusiveness and integrity – essentially we are a “one-stop-shop” for beef industry career information and assistance.


Our vision

Attracting, educating and retaining young people in all aspects of the beef supply chain to create a smarter, more profitable and sustainable Australian beef industry.


Our mission

To be recognized as the best provider of pathways to various beef industry careers through education, scholarships and other programmes.


Our objectives

We will target and build the next generation of beef producers through education and training that is focused on efficiency and competitiveness leading to financially rewarding and successful careers.

By developing business skills along the beef supply chain we will ensure that young Australian beef producers flourish and are taught to continually strive for high standards in quality and efficiency.

We will fund beef industry training, education, research and practical learning opportunities through national and international scholarships and work experience.


Our achievements

ABIF’s investment in young people since 1980 has produced outstanding results with many of its alumni becoming leaders in their fields, for example:

• Jason Strong, past chairman of ABIF and 1990 Illinois Scholarship winner is currently Managing Director of AACo

• Greg Chappell, ABIF’s 1982 Illinois Scholarship recipient was heavily involved in the establishment of MSA

• Erica Halliday, 1994 Illinois Scholarship winner, principal Ben Nevis Angus stud and past ABIF board member.