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Fairfax Agricultural Media

Are you tomorrow’s leader in the Australian Beef Industry? Do you know someone who will be a leader tomorrow in the Australian Beef Industry? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Fairfax Agricultural Media (Fairfax) together with the Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF) are offering the opportunity for two people involved in the beef supply chain, aged between 21 and 40 to attend a one-week Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership program at the Marcus Oldham College in Geelong, Victoria at the end of June.

Who is eligible?
• Applicants must be between the ages of 21-40 years in the year the scholarship is awarded.
• Applicants must be an Australian citizen.
• Preference will be given to those in or going into commercial cattle production

Conditions of applications
• Applicants must be available to attend the course Sunday 26th June to Friday 1st July this year.
• Applicants who previously attended the Marcus Oldham Leadership Course in this or any other capacity are ineligible for this scholarship.

Administration of scholarship
• ABIF and Fairfax will be offering financial support and Marcus Oldham College providing the course.
• ABIF and Fairfax will form a panel of independent local people to assess the applications.
• Panel members must not be related by family or employment to the applicants.

Selection process
• Applications will be strictly confidential.
• Assessment of all criteria will provide information toward selection.
• If in the opinion of the selection panel no suitable application is received, the scholarship will not be awarded.
• The decision of the panel will be final and a majority ruling applies.

Selection criteria– please limit responses to approx. 150 words
1. History of education and/or employment.
2. Explain how this course would be useful in your current and/or future work plans.
3. How can you see yourself using the skills learnt in this course to benefit the beef industry, and/or its people and
/or your community?
4. Any other information about yourself you think we should know about to help your application.

Additional information:
• Name:
• Date of birth:
• Copy of proof of Australian residency: (birth certificate, passport etc..)
• Phone number:
• Email address:
• Current postal and living address:
• Current employer’s name and work address:

Details of the program are available at www.marcusoldham.vic.edu.au/morlp.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity please call John Gunthorpe, Chairman ABIF on 0400 403 456.

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Closing date: COB 30th May 2017
Email: info@abif.com.au 

All applicants will be advised of the outcome so that arrangements can be made.



The Kellogg Rural Leaders programme aims to help those with a rural background realise their potential to be tomorrow’s leaders. There are two programmes in 2016 with the scholarship offered for the programme running from 14th June to 17th November. There are 4 phases to the programme: 3 residential phases totalling 17 days of program content at Lincoln University and Wellington, and a project on a topic of your own choice, between Phases 1 and 4.

If you are a future rural leader in the Australian Beef Industry whether on farm or further down the supply chain in processing, retail or any other part of the beef industry, the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) and the Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF) would like to support you to learn the necessary skills and develop a network to realise your ambitions. You will need to hold an Australian passport.

This programme will secure your place in the future of Australian agribusiness, develop your communication skills and increase your confidence in your negotiation and decision-making ability, develop an understanding of the issues common to all sectors of the rural industry and learn how to investigate and report on an issue.

For more details on the programme we refer you to http://www.kellogg.org.nz. With the support of ANZ and Lincoln University, we are seeking applications with referees to be provided to info@abif.com.au by Friday 27th May 2016.

The application and referee forms can be found on the above website and should be submitted in the first place to the ABIF email address or mailed to: ABIF Limited, PO Box 2506, KEW, VIC 3101. If you would like to ask questions about the scholarship or the programme, John Gunthorpe, Chairman of ABIF, can be contacted on 0400 403 456.
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